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Name of the Company TAIKO KIKI COMPANY LTD.
Main Office

1-737, Saiwai-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, 212-0011, Japan 
Tel +81-44-522-4441  
Fax +81-44-541-2256


808, Onoyasashi, Nakagou-machi, Kitaibaraki, Ibaraki Ibaraki, 319-1555, Japan
Tel +81-293-42-2212  
Fax +81-293-43-1160

Capital 20 million yen
President Naokata Mohri
Executive Director George Mohri
Director Yoshikazu Tanaka
Auditor Kozou Yamagami
Kozou Yamagami Males: 12, Females: 8 (as of December 31, 2004)
Persons in charge

Main Office George Mohri, in charge of Business Technology, Executive Director                                     
Main Office  Yoshikazu Tanaka, Chief of Management, Director
Main Office  Kazuo Huruya, Chief of Factory
Ibaraki Factory  Haruo Kakei, Chief of Production
Takaharu Aikawa, First Production Section (Element production)
Masako Yumino, Second Production Section (Exhaust F production)
Yoshikatsu Shibata, Special Device Group Leader

Dealing Banks

Miyuki Branch, Yokohama Bank
Kawasaki Branch, UFJ Bank
Miyuki Branch, Kawasaki Credit Union
Kawasaki Branch, Mizuho Bank
Kawasaki Branch, Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank

Company Career 
Nov. 29 1966 Established the Company at the present place.
Mar. 1967

Established an office at Omori-kita, Ota-ku,Tokyo

Sept. 1971 Opened Osaka Office.
Dec. 1973 Established Ibaraki Factory.
Nov. 1979

Completed Main Office bldg. Moved Tokyo Office to the Main Office.

Nov. 1980

Added a business item to the Company Statute. Started export business.

Aug. 1983

Added 4.75 million yen to the capital.
The new capital: 10 million yen

Jan. 1984 Moved Ibaraki Factory. Completed the new factory.
Nov. 1989

Received a commendation from the Prefectural Governor as an excellent factory of Kanagawa Prefecture.

Jun. 1990 Completed the first and second phases of the third addition plan of Ibaraki Factory.
Jun. 1997

Added 10 million yen to the capital.
The new capital: 20 million yen

May 2004 Completed the third addition plan of the Ibaraki Factory.

1) Articles of Production
Filtration Machine for Oil Pressure Device of Industrial Machines or Filtration Machine of Liquid & Gas
Die casting machine, plastic injection molding machine, extruding machine, coolant device for machine tool, electrical discharge machine
High Viscosity and High Pressure Filtration Machine for Automobile related Equipment
Filter for paint line of automobiles, etc., adhesive for assembly line, grease, inline filter for undercoating, etc., filter for manufacturing line of paint makers, aeration and exhaust filter
Purification filter for nuclear power plant pool water, filter for oil pressure of snowmobile, mist filter for large type compressor, etc.

2) Company Feature
* Main articles are “Taiko Kiki”s brand products developed by our company. 
* Development and production of high quality products adopted by large companies
* Production order system of single item and quick delivery
 800 types of products at all time with over 10,000 types possible for production development
* System complete for foreign trade   “Direct export and import” of our own
 Current overseas trade (*mark indicates through commercial company.)
Korea, Hong Kong, *China Mainland, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia
North, Middle,South America     
America, Canada, *Mexico, *Brazil, *Argentina    
Poland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, *Czech Republic, *Russia

3) Corporate Principle
Various measures have been taken to promote welfare of employees and their families, to establish friendly relations with customers, outsourcing partner companies, materials and components supply companies, etc., and to maintain trust in trading with them.
Reinforcement of our production system and equipment so as to enable us to respond to needs and desire for special order products of the customers.
Quick start of design and production even for a single article.
Production enhancing the value of the products, placing quality, performance and convenience of handling as our primary objectives.
With due regard to environments, orient ourselves toward development of products which can contribute to the society.

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Taiko Kiki Co., Ltd.
1-737, Saiwai-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki City