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Business Items
(Oil pressure filter, air
pressure filter, mist
separator, high viscosity
liquid filter)

1. Suction filter with differential pressure instruction mete (DI series)
2. High pressure line filter with differential pressure instruction meter (DI series)
3. Pipe type suction filter (PF series)
4. Suction straight unit (BOSS unit)
5. Magnet separator and magnet applied machinery

Precision filter device of water absorption type out of the oil


Various filters (Various specially ordered filters, SUS wire netting, glass fiber, nonwoven fabric, sintering, paper element, etc.)

8. Air filter and mist separator


Air freezer  1/2~8B. 0.3~40μ
Sensor type switch

For various purpose like vacuum, pressure, differential pressure, flow

Water treatment device

Magnetic separation device using high magnetic field (FFfilter, mug magic filter)

Precision filter device

(Semi-automatic, full automatic) grinding by fluoric resin pre-coat type filter device using diatomaceous earth,
high voltage (9MPa) type coolant filtration system with cutting fluid concentration processing system (up to 1 ton/min) temperature control device, production of blast
proof terminal box (products authorized by Anken Co.Ltd. for electromagnetic valve and pressure switch)

Production of various
vessels for high pressure
and high temperature
Heat exchanger, SUS(*Note 1) filter case, tank with jacket, etc.
Production Equipment
Five various lathes, one plane grinder,one milling machine, five tappings,
one shirring, five presses,seven rolls, one oxygen blowout welding device,
one line of element automatic folding device, four spot and arc welders,
argon welder,two heating devices for adhesive compulsive hardeningCars: three sedans and two trucks
Company Feature

Production of our own brand since our inauguration
Ownership of many patents, registration of designs and articles of pressure resistance and blast proof- products authorized by Anken Co. Ltd.
Filter device which enable filtration of all kinds of liquid like air, oil, paint, water treatment, etc
Company’s in-house development and production of sensor devices like vacuum switches, flow switches, differential power switches, etc.
Enthusiastic development of new products making it our motto to manufacture products from the standpoint of the users.
When the customer so wished, we will positively promote high quality and quick delivery even for just a single product.

*Note 1: JIS material standard of stainless steel
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